What services do we offer?
We make personalized realistic cartoons from a photo.

What should the perfect photo for a cartoon look like?
It must be in portrait format in which the person's face has good definition.

How long does it take until the cartoon is ready?
The cartoon is ready the day after you place the order.

Where do I send my photo?
To the email [email protected]

What do I get when I buy a custom cartoon?
A high quality resolution file larger than 4k in .PNG format (If you need it in JPEG format we can also send it).

What can I do with my cartoon?
You can print your cartoon on anything such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, paintings, etc...

What is the maximum size I can print my cartoons?
You can print in any size up to 1 meter (either in height or width) without losing any quality.

How can I contact the store directly?
You can use our contact page here on the site, or by email [email protected], or by instagram @cartoonface2